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The Thompson Cigar Sampler
March 21, 2018
If you're looking to get a great deal on starter cigar package, you might want to give the Thompson Cigar Sampler a try

Cigars are offered at many different price levels, from the cheapest Swisher Sweets you can find at the grocery store checkout line for a few bucks, or the finest Cubans that run in the hundreds for a single fine smoke. Personally I wouldn't recommend the Swisher Sweets or any cheap cigars you'll find at a grocery store or Walgreens or any establishment that isn't a smoke shop. Those cigars are made with the cheapest ingredients and can be so foul tasting that you'll never want another cigar. Which would be a shame because there are some really wonderful smokes out that you'll really enjoy.

At the same time I wouldn't recommend a newbie to blow a ton of cash on a fine Cuban because you just won't appreciate the flavour. It takes time and experience to really enjoy a fine cigar. Just in the same way that a child wouldn't appreciatte a fine meal at a world class restaurant

A good starter pack that I recommend is the Thompson Cigar Sampler. You get a good number of different styles of cigars and it only costs about a buck a cigar. You won't find a better deal. Enjoy.

Click Here for Thompson Cigar Sampler

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